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Monday, August 17, 2020

Wilpons want to keep 5 percent of the Mets.

The NY POST Page Six of all reporters scooped the NY Be a on this.

Now, about the For Sale tag on the Mets. One billionaire’s ready to play ball. Two showbiz showboaters are showing off to make a show of buying the team. Plus a few others shaking their piggy banks. Comes a new development. Suddenly, an unexpected wrinkle to be ironed out. The existing owners, the Wilpons, just informed bidders they still want to play house. But — tada! — they now wish to stay limited partners. They want to remain part of the new structure. Management, no. Retain a 5 percent stake in the ownership, yes.
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The Wilpons want a to still be owners even if they don't have a say in the operations of the team. I can see a former owner wanting to keep a small piece of something that they have had for years in their family. If I was the current bidders, I would say sure to it but they have to sell them SNY.

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