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Friday, August 28, 2020

What the F*** is going on with the Mets Ownership bids?

I kept getting different stories from another source that told me about Arod yesterday. But I think it's Cohen.

At 9:05 PM East Coast time I get a text from a  buddy of mine and I leave this blind item on twitter. I got this before a lot of folks were reporting it on twitter.

Then the Main Stream Media Caught on so I could then make my Item not so blind.

I texted some folks that I trust the info before hand. I also heard ARod's group was going to be out of the running 
yesterday because of something behind the scenes. The same people who told me that are also telling me it 
might not be Cohen. I do believe  my original source to be accurate because of how they found out. Also
what ever happened to the anonymous bidder?

And then there were four.
Sportico reports four bidders have advanced to the second round of negotiations to buy the New York Mets. Those advancing include billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen, ex-New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and fiancee Jennifer Lopez, and New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ersowners Josh Harris and David Blitzer.According to Sportico, an fourth “unidentified party” also advanced.
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