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Saturday, August 29, 2020

So that was a crazy night last night with Cohen and the Mets.

 From the NY POST.
Steve Cohen once again has entered into exclusive negotiations to buy the Mets. He always had two advantages in this process: Motivation and money. He grew up a Mets fan and wanted this team. He already had it slip away once.
The fact he won negotiating rights when the Wilpons did not really want to do business with him screams that he was willing to reach deeper into larger coffers than any of the other bidders.
In other words, he couldn’t outbid the Alex Rodriguez group by $1 or a million of them. There had to be real separation to get this done. And big cash wins. The word around the Mets was that Saul Katz wanted the largest offer and that the Wilpons went along with that.
But this has broken down once before already, and with the Wilpons you never expect anything to go easily. The problem, though, is not Mets ownership as much as it is the 29 other owners. Cohen will ultimately need 23 yes votes for approval, and multiple executives in the sport anticipate there will be a few solid nos at the outset. Is that two or four or six? If it gets to eight, Cohen does not get the team.
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I have absolutely no confirmation on this but I think the whole fiasco with the Mets walking off the field the other day helped grease the skids. No I am not talking about the Mets walking off the field. I am talking about the video with Brodie ripping Manfred and Jeff, and then the apology to Manfred while throwing Jeff under the bus, then the Wilpons sending out two separate statements misspelling Brodie's first name. Manfred and the other owners probably had enough of the Wilpons screwing stuff up PR wise. I mean wouldn't you be? They took a moment that was classy and was supposed to be about the players and the moment that was supposed to back Dom Smith and Billy Hamilton and what is going on in the country right now with what is happening to Black/African Americans. The Wilpons of course screwed it up and made it about them and the behind the scenes crap and the dopey  "Let's walk off at 7:10 and come back at 8:10" to play. Out of touch. If you don't know what I am talking about you can jump over to Metspolice.

This from what I wrote about last night. Don't ask me how I have attained sources over the years because I don't even know. I think it might be because folks know I will tell he truth and make sure  I don't reveal how I get some of the info I know. I laugh at @PSLtoFlushing aka Joe DeMayo because the other day he said to me,"Dude,  you have connections everywhere." And he wasn't just talking about the Mets. I posted it as a blind item because I didn't know when it was going to break out with the announcing of the sale to Cohen. I also knew days ago that Arod was out because from what i heard he wasn't going to get voted in by the owners, so why even waste the time with that. At 9:05 last night I got the text from someone who told what was going on with the sale. I also got another text from the same people who told me about the AROD thing that it wasn't Cohen that got the nod for the sale but it was going to Blitzer/Harris. That might have been the case before the fiasco yesterday and but in my conspiracy theory brain I think the MLB might have said sell to Cohen because we know he can take on the debt the Wilpons have put the team into and also to stick it to the Wilpons because you know Jeff didn't want him to be the new owner.

I am not a journalist,  not even close. I just try to be a voice for Mets fans and when I hear or see things pass it along to my fellow fans.

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