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Monday, May 11, 2020

This puppy and his adopters need your help.

My buddy Jon and his family have had a rough couple of months. His father- in-law passed away from Covid-19, they have had like all of us, had to deal with the NY on PAUSE and other issues. Jon and his family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They will give you the shirts off their backs if it means that it would help you. Being the nice folks that they are they decided to adopt a puppy in need to bring joy to the puppy's life and to theirs. They got skunked by the supposed "rescue". Thank you Julia Quadrino for setting this Gofundme up for Anakin to help defray the vet bills for Jon and his family.

Help Anakin

On May 4, 2020, the Salazar family adopted sweet little Anakin from who they thought was the owner of a Brooklyn animal rescue. He is the perfect little love bug they need right now to help ease the pain they are dealing with after the loss of Jasi and Daya's father to COVID-19 last month. However, within hours of bringing him home, he began to vomit and have bloody stools and needed to be rushed to the emergency vet. After a sleepless night of absolute torture not knowing if he would pull through and being told he most likely has Parvo, they were horrified to discover that the "rescue" they adopted Anakin from was not a rescue at all, but a scam artist who has puppy mill puppies delivered to her from Texas, lies about their age and health, and sells them for an overpriced adoption fee for profit without any proper vetting. Since posting about their experience, at least a dozen fellow heartbroken adopters shared similar horror stories and even instances of being conned out of deposits with no puppy to show for it at all. Sadly, it appears Anakin came from an absolute monster. By an UNBELIEVABLE stroke of luck, he was adopted by human beings as incredible as the Salazars, who are committed to giving this sweet boy a fighting chance at the life of love he deserves.

As of the morning of May 6, 2020, while under the wonderful care of Dr. Erin Kulick at Long Island City Veterinary Center, Anakin has been confirmed to have Coccidia parasites, but Parvo is still not off the table considering how severely ill he was. Amazingly, the vet thinks he will be able to come home to be under the care of his loving new humans today as he works to get stronger, but he is not completely out of the woods yet.

Jon and Jasi are not asking for money themselves. They are still so blown away and thankful for the generous donations their friends made after Jasi's father's passing, and are too humble to ever ask, but they don't have to. I as well as anyone who knows them knows that they are the last people who deserve this kind of extreme emotional stress, on top of the financial stress they are now feeling trying to buy a house during a global pandemic with an extremely sick dog. These funds will help cover the constant IV fluids Anakin has been receiving, his overnight hospital stays, as well as medication he will need to come home with.

No amount is too small for this incredible family. Anything you could give to help Anakin and the Salazars through this difficult time would be greatly appreciated. Of course these are obviously difficult times and a donation may just not be feasible, but a share or simply some prayers for this loving little boy would be just as great. Thank you!!! <3 span="">


If you guys can spare a buck or two to help out Anakin, that would be amazing folks.

Click here to donate.

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