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Thursday, May 7, 2020


I am a little late posting this but in case you have missed it.

One of the all time best trips that we have had with The 7Line Army was in San Diego. How great the city was, how great the  stadium was, how insane it was when Bartolo hit the HR, it just was one of the more magical times I have had going to a baseball game.

Check out this never before seen director's cut of The 7 Line Army's trip to Petco Park. Take a walk down memory lane with us back to San Diego on May 7th 2016. What a stroke of luck for 1,400 of The 7 Line Army to be in the attendance on the same day as Bartolo Colon's epic home run.

From the director, Josh Oshinsky: Four years ago I got on a plane from Newark headed to San Diego. I had a ticket, a 5D camera, a Go Pro and lots of hope that I wasn't wasting my money. It was the first time I was producing something this ambitious solo- no DP, no audio guy, just a crazy Mets fan with a backpack and a lot of faith. 
That weekend was really a perfect storm of moments- Jim Breuer not only letting me film his show, but letting me backstage for an interview- the McFadden's pre-game being so cinematic- 1,400 joyful people stopping traffic in downtown SD during THE MARCH. 
But it really comes down to Bartolo Colon. One glorious swing at a James Shields get me-over offering- a no doubter, really. (Great moments are made from great opportunity- he says tongue firmly in cheek). 
Getting back to my hotel room in the wee hours, I'm not sure I'd ever been that excited to see what was shot. (For those who don't work in film- sometimes what you lived and what you CAPTURED are very different things. And clicking on each media clip for the first time is like opening 1,000 tiny digital Christmas presents- you can either be incredibly happy or brutally disappointed.) I transferred the footage onto 2 drives that night (remember kids, always double back up your media) and started editing before I left the hotel the next morning. I edited in the airport waiting for my flight, got the structure completed on the plane, and put the finishing touches on it as the taxi arrived back at my home in suburban New Jersey- about a half day after I woke up on the other coast. 
This 20 minute short is what was cut in those 12 hours. 
The vast majority has never been seen. And it's definitely a rough cut- uncolored, unmixed, temp graphics, the whole 9. But polishing things doesn't always make them better. All I know is I had a blast taking myself back to that weekend. I hope you do too.
Check out this chat between Josh Oshinsky and Darren Meenan leading up to the premiere....

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