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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mets Security and Car Salesman Met Ticket Reps

Hi Mets Rep,
Thank you very much for the stuff and the Birthday card. Nice to see you write LGM not LFGM. I think LFGM is not good for children or anybody.   
I already have a sense of dread of having to enter Citi Field. I mean dealing with entrance security. I love the park. The security workers near the seats are great.
One season a year or two before you worked there, I received a sharp poke in my lower back by security. It was close to assault. This was after the wand check. It was hot out and I had no jacket on. I am a clean cut older man. I don't drink. I am not sneaking anything in. We buy food and merch every game. My wife has had horrible experiences. I have had other bad experiences also. We would love to go to more games but we dread entering the stadium. This is the truth. 
Best Regards,

MG: The security situation was out of control the second half of last season. It is the biggest reason I gave up my seats I had for 11 season. There is no need to go through wallets.

When I wrote I did like the 4 for 20 as a plan holder, the rep wrote that it was only outfield prom. When I called him on his BS this was his answer.
Dang, I did not see that as the email I saw only said prom outfield.
When I discussed the security for 2020 that I did not want anyone looking in my wife's wallet here was his answer:

They are just doing their job. I understand it might not be ideal, but security is a major priority which is why they take certain measures. They should not be getting physical; if that is the case please do let me know so I can escalate that to the proper departments, but looking in bags or wallets is standard operating procedure. I had a client last season who was asked to remove her hat which is similar to looking into a wallet, in my opinion. When someone goes through airport security, everything is looked at in even more detail than here.
MG:Removing a hat is not like looking in a wallet. The No Backpacks rule was supposed to speed up the security lines. That's what we have been told right?

Mets get your shit together with these reps and security. Lucky for me I did have great reps over the years, but for every great rep it seems we have more car salesman types.

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