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Friday, February 14, 2020

Mets land on en Español on Univision Que Buena 92.7

Hmmm 92.7. Wasn't the the old WLIR frequency that you couldn't get on your radio dial too far into NYC? I don't know how this benefits the Mets. On the positive side at least they kept the announcers.

Entercom and Univision have cut a content sharing partnership for Spanish language radio play-by-play of the New York Mets. Under the multiyear agreement announced Thursday, Mets radio rights holder “NewsRadio 880” WCBS will produce Mets play-by-play in Spanish, which will air on Univision Spanish AC “Que Buena 92.7” WQBU-FM. The agreement covers all of the MLB team’s 162 regular season and postseason games.

What do the red, purple, and blue lines mean?
The red, purple, and blue lines correspond to the "local", "distant", and "fringe" predicted coverage areas of each radio station:
  • Local Coverage: Within this area, you should be able to receive the radio station on almost any radio with moderately good to very good reception.
  • Distant Coverage: Within this area, the signal of the radio station may be weak unless you have a good car radio or a good stereo with a good antenna. You may not be able to receive the station at all on inexpensive radios or radios with poor antennas.
  • Fringe Coverage: Within this area, the station's signal will be very weak. You may be able to receive this station if you have a very good radio with a good antenna, but it's possible that interference from other stations may prevent you from picking up these stations at all.
3. What criteria do you use to define the "local", "distant" and "fringe" coverage areas?
The "local""distant" and "fringe" lines on the FM maps correspond to the predicted 60, 50, and 40 dBμ signal strength contours respectively.
The "local""distant" and "fringe" lines on the AM maps corresponds to the predicted 2.0, 0.5, and 0.15 mV/m contours respectively (of the groundwave propogation signal).

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