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Friday, February 7, 2020

I am already tired of this Mets season.

I think I might have been the first one to tell you when Cohen was announced that he wanted to buy the team that it wasn't a Slam Dunk. He had to pay a settlement with the SEC over insider trading. His companies are in lawsuits with sexual discrimination cases. I talked to a close person to me who works for a Pro Sports League that told me that that leagues owners wouldn't ever let him buy in. But I am the crazy one. Oh yeah I am also the one that put the smoke out there about this deal falling through. The reason why I didn't outright say anything about it and made it a blind item is because I didn't want to deal with some behind the scene things.
Here's @Metspolice's take on the boycotts.
SLACKISH REACTION:  Here we go with the boycotts again.  The yahoos are upset that the Ponzi billionaires aren’t selling to the other billionaires who voluntarily do $1.8 BILLION settlements with the SEC.
I have written this boycott thing so many times over the last 12 years that I can do it from memory.
The most notable boycott was the one in 2015.  We had BILLBOARDS getting press.  And what happened?  The Mets won 11 in a row and then suddenly the Mets were drawing 40,000.
There were the “Mets Fans United” clowns, some sort of non-organization that went through like 12 “leaders.”  They would have some sort of circle-group “secret” conference calls, and then they had the big event where two guys walked around with paper bags – INSIDE the stadium.
Just stop.
You all sound like crazy people.
Here’s how this goes…it goes like this every summer.  I will get told today that I am old, stupid, a sellout whatever.  Happens every year.
Then the Mets will eventually win 5 of 7 or J.D. Davis will homer in 6 straight games and you guys will put him in the Hall of Fame, and I will say “tap the brakes” and remind you to calm down.  Then you will say I am “too negative.”
All of this has happened before, and will happen again, but I know one thing – you aren’t boycotting anything.  So stop whining over nothing.  It doesn’t matter which billionaire owns the team.
Personally, I hope this drags out forever, as this is a nice version of Succession for me to follow.  I like this quote from the Post, It is Jeff Wilpon being described here.
“This guy has never done anything in his life other than play a week of minor league baseball and work for his dad,” said the former Mets staffer. “The Mets are his life. He can’t do anything else.”
But hey, he’s neither the first nor last guy to get hooked up by his dad.  You act like everyone from Joe Buck to Kenny Albert to Donald Trump to Alyssa Rose to Andrew Cuomo to Luis Rojas didn’t get some shortcuts because of their famous fathers.   That’s how it works guys.  It’s a who you know world, and Jeff knows Fred.
So calm down, put on your Mets cap and enjoy baseball.  The real reason not to attend games has nothing to do with Jeff, it’s that the games are boring.  Jeff didn’t turn it into Home Runs, Pitching Changes and Strikeouts.

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