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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Shea Stadium Wall Panel

 Each item comes with a Letter of 
Authenticity from Mr 
Shea Stadium dot com.
This bid is for one of the short walls from Shea 
Stadiums infield. 
These wall panels were all around the infield 
from first 
base, behind home plate to
 third base. They were also down the left and right 
field lines.
This wall panel is 40" tall x 19" wide and 3" thick. It is a half wall, 
cut down from 
the original 4 foot wide panels. 
Since the 4 foot wide walls are too large to mail, we cut a few in 
half so they can be 
mailed! So rather then driving to pick up a wall from us, these short walls can 
now be shipped via USPS! (Ball does not come with the wall,
just there to show the walls size)
Nice Shea Stadium item! Set up it in a Man Cave, 
basement, kids room etc!

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