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Queens Baseball Convention tickets
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Monday, December 18, 2017

I Agree to Root How You Want To....

From Darren over at the7line-

"If fans want to boycott, they don't need our permission. Not once have I claimed to be the "voice of Mets fans." No one should tell you how to spend your time and/or money. I love watching Mets baseball and traveling to road ballparks with my friends. That's what T7L is all about. It's my goal to make kick ass Mets gear and put together really fun events that ultimately brings fans together. While I understand the reasoning behind the thought of a boycott, I'm not going to punish myself or the members of T7LA by joining in."

Read more at the7line.com

 Now this is from me... 

I enjoy going to games and hanging out with my friends. It relaxes me. I follow moves in the off season but I don't let the lack of signings annoy me until the season starts. Even then I go in optimistically until the team starts playing bad. I like going on the road trips. I like watching baseball. I am going to go to games. 

My question about payroll. Does having a high payroll equal having a good team? You guys remember The Worst Team Money Could Buy in 1992? For me it's not about the money being spent. It's about making the right player moves. 

Now this can be filed under the "SHILL" division my twitter account is in on a tournament on twitter.

 The Wilpons aren't going anywhere. Boycotting isn't going to work. Have you guys forgotten about the "boycott" turnouts the last time? It seemed folks were boycotting the boycotts at Citi Field. There was supposed to be this fan rally to show the Wilpons that fans mean business by not showing up. I don't remember too many folks showing up. I read on twitter somewhere that folks were going to go to games but just hang out in the parking lots. Guys, who gets the money from the parking? That's right the Wilpons. Listen to the game on the radio/web? The Wilpons get that money too. Watch it on tv/cable? Who owns a piece of SNY? Who has a contract with PIX11? The Wilpons. If you are going to go full bore on the fact you want to boycott the team then you are going to just have to read about the results from in the newspapers or hear it from friends. 

You know the Wilpons( the owners of the Mets) are the only folks who can build on parkland where Shea used to be? Yep. The Wilpons are still trying to get that approved so they can build a second mall besides the one across 126th street. Also, don't forget the Wilpons are in on the deal to try to build a new arena for the Islanders out near Belmont.

Now saying all that, I do wish anyone who wants to boycott or send emails to the team good luck. If it changes anything, more power to you folks. Maybe I will be wrong and it will work..

We have a State of the Mets Panel at the QBC every year. We have Mark Healey host the panel and the panelists don't pull any punches. If you want to comment on the State of the Mets and how you feel about the team whether it is negative you'll want to come to the QBC. Tickets available at www.queensbaseballconvention.com 

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