Queens Baseball Convention tickets

Queens Baseball Convention tickets
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I'll be going to the game. Maybe I'll try it.
Collaborations are great, especially in today's market. It's not only smart for overall brand awareness, but it gets more eyeballs on the product. I, for one, have never heard of Thin Man Brewery, but now I have. And since I drink Mikkeller and trust their taste buds, Thin Man is automatically cool with me.
Since the Rangers are playing the Sabres, and they're from Buffalo, it just makes a lot of sense. Get two hometown beer brands involved and work together on something fun.
While the brewery at the ballpark isn't complete, they'll have a limited edition run for sale that you can take to go. If you're hitting the game, stop in to check the place out, and pick up a four-pack. Thin Man will also be releasing cans at their location on the same day. This is a one time thing, so if you're a collector, this will be your only chance to grab it.

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