Queens Baseball Convention tickets

Queens Baseball Convention tickets
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Questions for Chris Flexen at @QBConventon 2018

As you all should know by now, I the Keith Blacknick AKA The Mediagoon, will be co-hosting the Chris Flexen panel alongside one of my best buddies. That buddy is the one, the only Dennis Holden. Dennis is the host of Dennis has a podcast and he has had two really big guests over the years. One was of course WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. The other was another superstar.... ME..... Dennis and I have really good chemistry together on the mics so the QBC Braintrust decided that the two of us should handle the duty....

Now I wanted to make the panel into Textin' with Flexen, but Dennis thinks it would be rude if I keep looking at my phone during the panel. I kind of agree but I do have an idea... Email me questions for Chris Flexen. Why not right? I want to make this panel as interactive as possible with the fans. Hit me up with your questions at mediagoon@gmail.com We are going to have a really fun time on Jan 20th 2018 at Katch Astoria. Besides Flexen being there, Brandon Nimmo and Todd Hundley will also be doing panels. Also don't forget all three of them will be signing also. We have other panels happening and even more surprises popping up. Get your tickets at www.queensbaseballconvention.com.

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