Monday, July 3, 2017

Mets: Realistic Expectations

Who's buying in to the Mets making a run? Sweep the Nats!!! Yeeeaaaaaa!!! I really doubt that's going to happen. Do I want it to? Hell Yeah! But do I really think the Mets walk out of this series catching any ground on the Nats? I don't. So here is the inherent problem. The Mets have a ton of free agents at the end of this year. Do you think they will be signed again by the Mets? In my mind, the Mets aren't a World Series team. Send Duda, Bruce, Cabrera away. Get some future players or players under contract. Get something instead of getting nothing. Will it suck? Sure. But then you can bring up some of the youngsters from the minors up and give them some time to figure out the MLB.

Just a thought. No, I am not giving up on the team. I'm just thinking about what would be better for the long run. I am no expert on these things nor do I claim to be. I have way many other topics I can claim with that.

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