Monday, July 24, 2017

Citi Field: Moving Up to the Front Row

Fine it was the second row....

I got to take in Sunday's game from right behind home plate. Wow, what an experience. When I say right behind home, I mean right behind home.

I have sat almost everywhere in the ballpark now, I think the Honda club might be the only place I have yet to hit after I have checked this one off.

Anyway, the seats I acquired come with complimentary food from the delta lounge underneath the stadium by the entrance.

There were hot dogs, garlic Parmesan fries, plain and flavored Tater tots, cups of fruit and Caesar salad, make your own nachos, momofuko chicken sandwich sliders, cookies and Ice cream. Soft drinks and water were free but alcohol cost you some greenbacks.

For the amount of money folks spend on those seats for the view you would think the lounge/food would be "better".

Now don't get me wrong, I really appreciated the seats given to me by my buddy. It was a great view.

The Netting here is a must. No doubt about it. I was just wondering as I was staring at it though, is there no way to use a fishing line type of material instead? Make it less obstructed to the eye?

I had a great time in those seats and a big thank you to my buddy for hooking me up.

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