Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mets: Season Ticket Holders Not Happy

I'll have a post coming in the next few weeks about the netting and how season ticket holders are getting treated with it.

For now, here's one from Ricky....

Hi Goon,

I've had season tickets since 2011, and this year was the worst experience so far. The first issue I had was regarding the Citi gift card that was promised if you paid with a Citi card. It took multiple phone calls and emails to my rep for that to happen.

On top of that, I requested 50 tickets to a subway Series game for a group outing with an open bar. After I received the tickets, I noticed there were no food vouchers or information on the open bar. When I contacted my rep, he said there is no available open bar for that game. So I agreed to a price with an open bar and then after the Mets take my money, they pull the rug right out from
Beneath me. By the way, the people that bought tickets for this group event are not happy. I took money from people while telling them we are getting an open bar, and now I have to regretfully tell them it's not included.

I am not renewing my plan next year. I can go to the same amount of games I go to with a full season plan and pay less money. It's not worth it for me ( or my wallet) to bend over backwards for the Mets. They will not bend over backwards for me.


Now, I have a great ticket who I know really looks out for his clients, but I do know there are some reps that aren't that strong with helping out their clients...

So if you guys have tales of horror or tales of goodness from your reps email me at Mediagoon@gmail. Of course Mets please hit me up too if you want to refute anything...

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