Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Willet's Point Development

It seems like even the politicians are being confused with the two malls the Wilpons want to build.

The 126th street property is different then the property where Shea Stadium that is now a parking lot is. This is parkland not the land across 126th street. The parkland is what is being held up and not across the street. There is no reason there needs to be a mall on top of parkland. Who needs less space in a park. At least the parking lot even though it's black top is open space. I am all for development across 126th street where there needs to be "something".

“The administration is not shying away from the plan to transform the 23 acres of vacated property at Willets Point into a vibrant mixed-income residential and commercial neighborhood,” Patchett writes. “We steadfastly believe there is a need to increase the stock of quality, affordable housing and amenities that meet the needs of this community.”

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