Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mets: St. Louis Roadtrip(Food)

Doing something new this trip. I don't think I have ever really did a "food" edition Post for a road trip yet, so I figured why not.

The ball park had a few different options of food, build your own nachos (which I heard was great), Nathan's hot dogs, BBQ, burgers, pizzas, and a pastrami stand. I saw the pastrami stand and looked up at the sign and the pastrami sandwich had a side salad with it. That was a hard pass for me. Side salad with pastrami kind of threw me off so I went for a burger. The burger was okay. Had the typical lettuce, tomato, pickles on it. I have to say I am really spoiled with the Pat LaFrieda burgers at Citi Field. This burger was on par with Burger King. I was starving at this point. I didn't eat from 7 pm Friday night at work and I finally grabbed a night at about 2pm at the stadium. So I wolf down the burger just knowing that my friends MJ and Nancy were going to know what to grab for dinner.

Fast forward to after the game. We met up and knew we had to have St. Louis BBQ. We ended up going to Salt and Smoke. And we weren't disappointed. I ordered fried ravioli for the table as an app. Instead of cheese being stuffed in it, the rav had brisket. Freaking brisket! It was amazing. We all ordered a version of the Buddies platter. I got the pulled chicken with brisket, mac and cheese, season mushrooms and a cheddar and pepper popover.

How good does that look? Yeah it tastes 30 times better then that.

When our very helpful waiter Lance(who was fabulous) asked us if we wanted desert, the table responded with.....

If you are ever in St Louis, try this joint. Just make sure you download the no wait app to make a reservation.

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