Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mets: No Bartolo

You guys still loving Bartolo? All you folks that were waiting for "Saint" Colon who was a sure thing to sign back with the Met, how do you feel?

Do you feel like his second abandoned family does? Bartolo went away one day and didn't come back no matter how much you hoped he would?

Don't get me wrong, while he was here, he did what he was signed to do. Eat innings, try to get wins and mentor other pitchers. Did all that happen? Seems like it did. I enjoyed him while he was here. The wackiness that he just brought with him(in a good way), and also watching him throw a ball in warm ups all the way into the outfield were some of my favorite things.

I was getting tired of reading on twitter and Facebook about the second coming of Big Sexy. I personally didn't think he was coming back. Do I fault him for trying to get to a contender and get closer to that win record that he's looking for? Nope. I don't. Back to my original question. How do you feel?

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