Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mr Met Was (Middle) Fingered

Oh no. Let's make a huge deal about Mr Met flipping off a fan. I am sure Mr Met was just running around flipping folks off last night for no reason. Should he of done it? No.. But how do you blame the Mets on this? Come on. Enough with the fake outrage. It's getting old. Mr Met is a  NYer who did one of the most NY things..The fan was probably wearing a knockoff jersey...

Devin Lintao (@DevinLintaoNY)

This @MrMet debacle is absolutely pathetic on the @Mets part and 100% avoidable. Not a great look to an already terribly looking season.

Yes Mets.. You definitely shouldn't have told Mr Met not to flip people off.. How dare you condone this.Wait? You are already taking care of this?

Now I could believe this Mr Met would have done a lot more.

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