Monday, June 26, 2017

Wedding Backstage at Dead and Company

All I wanna know is, did Metropolitan Hospitality know about this? If, so how much did they try to charge them for the wedding?
If they didn't know...They are going to be maaaaaaaaaaaad if they couldn't monetize it...

This is from the NY Post.

Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir officiated the nuptials of longtime friend and real-estate investor William “Billy” Procida backstage before Saturday’s Dead & Company show at Citi Field.

“17 years ago I jumped on stage and did an encore with [Weir] and we became great friends,” Procida told Page Six Monday, adding he’s been in with the band ever since.

The ceremony took place in a “VIP room” where the legendary rocker “came in and said a poem and the ‘I do’s,'” another attendee recalled adding, “He said beautiful things.”

Read more here from the NY Post.

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