Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Knockoff Throw Ahead the Clock Jerseys

Buyer beware. This has just totally annoyed me. Look now they are knocking these off.



Here is a custom remake of the Turn Ahead the Clock jersey from the Cleveland Indians. This design was used for select games during the late 90s when the MLB was doing a promotion with Century 21 by using futuristic jersey designs for select teams in the 97-99 MLB seasons. 
These are impossible to find and run up to the multiple hundreds of dollars. This is a very high quality replica version of those originals at a fraction of the price.
This custom made design features the same sublimation dye techniques as the originals. Made from durable high quality stretch polyester knit fabric. From a professional jersey supplier famous for making jerseys for various leagues. They are un-lettered and untagged, ready for your customization of any Indians player past or present.

Available in size men's XL only.
Measures about 27 inches wide and 32 inches long in the front and 34 inches in the rear.

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Here are 2 more

No tag on front. Illegal to make due to using team/MLB Logo. I have been putting together a collection of TATC Jerseys and this just makes me so annoyed to see.

Thanks @metspolice for giving me a heads up.

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