Friday, June 2, 2017

Orange and Blue Thing: Ep 23

After a false start, thanks to some wonderful LIE traffic, the boys are back in rare form as they rehash HI57ORY, Johan Santana's no hitter five years later. Discuss if Bryce Harper is a true villain for Mets fans, answer some fan voice memo questions, and get ready for the return of Steven Matz and Seth Lugo. Plus, a T7L new product preview, obscure movie discussion, and more. Grab a cold one or two and get ready for another must-listen episode of OABT.
Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, our episodes are taped live on Facebook each Thursday night at 6pm. We're a pretty visual show, so if you can, try to catch the live episode next week on For now give a listen and if you're in to it, share with your friends, subscribe and leave a review. LGM!

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