Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mets: Cabrera Didn't Wan't a Trade?

Is part of the new training regiment exercise known as backpedalling?

From the NY Post
" I always want to be here,” Cabrera told The Post after the Mets beat the Marlins, 8-0, on Wednesday night at Marlins Park. “This is a great team. In that moment when I said that, I wasn’t saying I want to get traded. I was just saying it didn’t seem like they had a plan for me. … If they’ve got a plan, they should tell me.”

Cabrera is still displeased with the way the situation was handled, when he wasn’t told he’d be switching positions following his return from the disabled list.

When he came back in San Francisco, Cabrera made it clear he thought it was time to leave the Mets.

“If they don’t have a plan for me, I think it’s time to make a move,” Cabrera said on Friday after he was informed of the position switch. “What I saw the last couple of weeks, I don’t think they have any plan for me.”

Read more here from the Post

So how do you really feel? Were you just angry at first? Do you believe like a lot of us fans do that Reyes should be off the field and took this as an affront? I can see where you are coming from Asdrubel, I just might not have don't it as public as you.

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