Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mets: Wow

I didn't get to see that game last night but wow. This is getting down right pathetic. I know a lot of it has to do with injuries and depth on the bench etc etc. When as an organization do you throw in the towel and try to make some moves to revitalize the team and start trying to salvage the season so you aren't a laughing stock?

Barwis and this training staff needs to be evaluated and figure out why so many players are hurt with muscle strains and tears. The medical staff seems to take a brunt of the blame when the players are returned to action too early and then hurt again. Who really makes the call?

Start figuring out who is going to be here next year and start moving pieces that will help you get some players or something in return then just a draft pick. Figure out the manager and coaching staff for next year. See what's going on with Gsellman. Something is off.

Bring up Rosario. Cut bait with Reyes. Stop with the " Well what if Rosario does bad?" routine? Well guess you'd find out what kind of mettle he has.

Do something to keep the fans engaged. Do something that shows you care about making this team a playoff contender again next year. Good thing the team is on a west coast swing. Wouldn't want to bring any players you need from Vegas now. Way better to wait until the Mets are back east to do that.

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