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Monday, March 20, 2017

The 7LineArmy: Loyal 'Til The Last Out Documentary

Mulcahy's Pub was packed Saturday night for Loyal to the Last Out, the documentary By Sports Illustrated about The 7 Line Army, Darren Meenan, some other members of the group and Darren's right hand woman, Lizy.

I was very interested in how this doc was going to be put together because it was filmed by the same folks who did Tears of Joy. Josh Oshinsky did a great job with Tears of Joy and also knocked this doc out of the park also. No. I'm not being biased because I am part of the T7LA. I am looking at this as someone who studied film making in college and has been in the film business for almost two decades as well as a sports fan.

If you guys ever want to get a taste of sitting with the T7LA and what it is to be a part of the family watch this doc when it is available. You learn about the roots of the 7Line and the creation of the away and home outings. You get to me " The General" Andrew Lawndart and feel the passion he has for the Mets and the group. Lawndart hadn't missed an outing until PSL this year. Get the sense of what it was like to be sitting with The 7Line Army during Bartolo's HR in San Diego and how crazy it was.

I can't do this piece justice. I'm dying to see it again.

Guys you did a bang up job.

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