Tuesday, March 21, 2017

@Metspolice vs @mediagoon: Going to Opening Day: For and Again

This is my cousin Shannon's Blog. Metspolice.com is the blog that I used to write for. Shannon and I used to fight about going to games on MP all the time. I am bringing back this tradition!!!!!


Surprisingly not sure I want to go to Mets Opening Day

This is the graphic I have

I find myself wondering if I actually want to go to Opening Day.
I’ve been at something like 33 of 35 openers going back to the 80’s, only missing in instances where I had a new job.  This year, I don’t feel excited about it.
MG- You just don't like baseball anymore. You have no connection to the game except memories. When was the last time you went to a game with some friends or MP Jr? 
Several factors:
1.  The price point is unattractive. Opening Day price creep has really, well, crept.
All sports prices have crept up especially when a team does well. Supply and demand. It's going to happen. My two seats in my 41 game plan for field level in 102 are $56 each. Not too pricey and good views "But you sit 300 feet away". Well when you had your seats in the uppers in 514ish you weren't that close either.
2.  Citi Field cannot hold a crowd. It’s not a convenient place to do things like walk around or go to the bathroom when it’s full.
It's not that Citi Field can't hold a crowd. It's the casual fans who do not know how to walk or get in line or walk without their heads up their butts. You are used to it being empty. I remember Shea as being hard to navigate while trying to get to the seats too.
3. I just don’t like Citi Field.  It’s not a great ballpark despite what the mainstream media and the t-shirt enthusiasts who sit 500 feet from the action will tell you.
It's one of the better ballparks around. I have been traveling with the T7LA and its a pretty damn good park. The fans are embracing it and there is a community at the ballpark. And it's not just The 7Line... You get to know others there too. Even me, Mr. Anti Social likes to hang and cheer with others.
4. My kid has checked out. Even a “hey do you want to skip school and…” was not intriguing. And this is someone who was brought to a ton of games when younger, plays sports all day every day, and watched NCAA all weekend. So it’s not like he’s just not into sports, he just doesn’t care about the Mets or baseball.
When was the last time you brought MP Jr to a game and made it fun? He goes to a game and you blast out in the 7th inning because you decided to move to NJ and want to beat the traffic. Don't blame him for not being into it. You have even said it yourself in the past the higher ups will lose this generation from baseball. You are one of the higher ups.
So I’m not sure why I would go, and if I do go, who would I go with?  The new stadium smell is gone. My favorite player shipped off to Washington. I am not really attached to any of the 25 likely Mets right now.
Mets did this to troll you. They knew it would put a dagger in your heart if they didn't sign your man crush. They were probably hoping you would close up shop on MP. Hell, the Mets have already trolled me two times this pre season. Not sure who you would go with? Maybe a friend or two? Bloggers that you know?
I’m not trying to convince anyone else not to go, I’m just struggling with my own feelings. If I go it will be because I always go. Let’s see what the weather forecast is, maybe a nice sunny day will coax me.
I think you have just gotten older and your dynamic has changed. Again When was the last time you went to a game with any friends? Do you even go to minor league games? If you had a group the prices aren't horrible. You are a middle aged soccer coach now who gets more enjoyment being at home with your kids in NJ and not wanting to travel. It's understandable that you feel that way.

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