Tuesday, February 7, 2017

MLB: Take Your Base Intentional Walk

From the NY Post

- Hmmm. I don't think the intentional walk is the problem. How about the 5000000000 pitching changes to "match" up with a hitter? Or the stepping out of the batter's box after almost every pitch? Wait, Wait. Maybe it's the numerous mound visits by players and coaches or the amount of time between pitches?

As for the strike zone, almost all the umpires have different strike zones. They aren't universal. Start fining the Umps if the zones are too wacky. I'm not saying if it's a slight difference but some of these umps are ridiculous.

Instant replays/coaches challenges should just be for HRs, foul poles/foul lines, play at the plate. The league should be the ones who initiate if a ball in the outfield is trapped or caught.

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