Friday, February 17, 2017

MLB: Flip Flop in Batting Practice Times?

This comes from the NY Post

This will make the home team fans very happy. More of a chance to see their players working out on the field, feel like there is more interactions, and might be able to get photos and autographs with players easier.

Now saying that, there is an opinion out there that the MLB is not primarily looking out for the fan. That the MLB and teams are trying to figure out how to get more money out of the fans pockets. What better way to do that then get the fans in earlier into the ballpark for an extra hour or two to see their fave players working out? "Dad, I'm hungry. Mom, I want that t shirt, can I have it?. Oh crap there's so and so. Let me go buy something to get signed." Just saying. Maybe that feeling is wrong and the MLB is looking out for the fans 🤔😳

The Post has some other thoughts on it that it can benefit home players and mess with away team. Read the full article here

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