Sunday, February 5, 2017

Knockoff: Conforto Father's Day Jersey


New Without Tags, This is a REPLICA of the Jersey Conforto would 

have worn on Fathers day 2016. It is a Pinstripe Jersey with "Mets" "30" 

NY Mets Logo "Patch" All in the Color of Baby Blue. SIZE 48. 

All Names(METS, CONFORTO, and Numbers (30) are Nicely 

Embroidered on Jersey. The Jersey material used are similarly done, 

it is called the "Flex" type. This Jersey is by NO Means a AUTHENTIC Jersey. 

But then again, Authentic's are $300. You can see the back(in photo) 

it is lighter and Flex's and stays tucked into the pants. For the price 

I am selling it for, it is totally worth it. Throw a shirt on underneath 

and it will look good. Use your zoom to see pictures closer up. I 

only ship on Saturdays, (Iam a workin man). Continental US Shipping Only. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking.


I emailed him and got this response....

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