Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mets: Yo Loves His Ranch

 Mets fans lucked out because of Yo's ranch is close to PSL... Works for me....
“You can’t say no to New York,” Cespedes’ teammate Noah Syndergaard said, in explaining why he always thought the outfielder would be back.
Yet the Mets unknowingly held a geographical advantage beyond Citi Field and its metropolitan address. Upon getting traded to the Mets, it didn’t take Cespedes very long to realize that he had been dealt to the team with the spring training complex closest to his offseason home.
La Potencia Ranch’s proximity to Port St. Lucie “was a big motivator” in his desire to stay with the Mets, Cespedes said.For the Mets, who moved from St. Petersburg to Port St. Lucie in 1988, Cespedes said with a smile, “Yeah, I would say that was a little bit of luck.” Getting to spend another seven weeks on the ranch, during spring training, “is very important, because I get to be able to relax and enjoy this here,” Cespedes said. “I love being here at home, being with my family and sharing time with them.”
Even after signing with the far-away A’s as a free agent out of Cuba in February 2012, Cespedes bought his first home in Boca Raton, Fla., which is just under an hour away from Miami. “I leave Cuba, and I’m not going to go to Miami? Where all the Cubans are?” he explained.

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