Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Baseball: Stats Folks

Anyone else tired of reading about the fake stats made up for players and players who could replace those players. These are the same folks that complain that the Mets haven't signed players that were on the team last season and then complain that they have signed those players and not any other players out there.

Why can't you folks enjoy the game? Just enjoy watching it. Stop your probability equations and just let the game unfold. "The Mets didn't make any significant moves. The Mets didn't sign Chris Carter for first base. The Mets don't know what they are doing with the roster. There are too many players for positions on the team." How many of you stat experts work in Major League Baseball? How many of you armchair GMs ran a major league team?

When the hell did you guys suck the fun out of baseball?

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