Saturday, December 31, 2016

QBC'17: What Are Ya Waiting For?

It's time for a New Year's Resolution, is it not? Time for you fine folks to start realizing how close we are to the Queens Baseball Convention of 2017. You guys for years demanded a fan festival for Mets Fans to gather at and have fun during the off season. And we have delivered. (Except last year, blame mother nature). Maybe you are holding off to see how the weather will be? Maybe you are on the fence? Welllllll...

In all honesty you will have a great time. We have a lot of fun people coming to be part of the panels. We have a media guy that you guys will be happy with to see be part of the State of the Mets panel. There is a meet the Mets Execs panel. You guys always have great exchanges with them. There will be a Tom Seaver Retrospective panel presided over by Greg Prince.The Gil Hodges Award will be presented. There will be Mascots, Memorabilia Vendors and so much more.

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