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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MLB: UnderArmour/Fanatics/MLB Jersey Deal

A lot of you guys reacted yesterday like it was new news. They mentioned this weeks ago but as usual weeks later folks forget then make a huge deal about it again.

My thoughts on this-

Majestic. I liked majestic. I liked their jerseys. I love their customer service and these guys try to make the customer feel appreciated. Sad to see it go as the Uniform Maker. The only problem I have had with them and their jerseys was the pinstripes with the "diaper" look this year.

UnderArmour. I have no problems with UA. I have a lot of fear from them and I like a lot of their stuff. I just wonder how then logo is going to look. I know they like to put them on the chest of the jerseys they have produced in the past. I wasn't paying attention to the presser yesterday because I was at work.

Fanatics. Wear to begin with Fanatics. Before the took over the fulfillment for MLB Shops online orders I never had a problem with the stuff I was getting. Once Fanatics took over it seemed like I had problems every time. You would order jerseys that were "back ordered" then mysteriously disappear and never be sent out and your money was just refunded. Or you would order something and they said it would be shipped out in a few days and a month or two later you still didn't get it even after dealing with customer service. "We can credit $10 to your account for the trouble".
Or my favorite is when I ordered a Wright authentic Jersey from the Japan game and they sent me a woman's West Virginia tee shirt instead for $300. Took me 3 months to get a credit.

From the pic on the top of the spot you can see it just isn't me who is running into this problem. My cousin @metspolice has had issues for years with them too. I gave up ordering from MLB Shop and NHL shop(another fiasco for another time) and just ordered directly through majestic and New Era.

I have a really, really bad feeling about this......

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