Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mets: Familia Charges Dropped

- As you all know the Fort Lee Prosecutors decided to drop the domestic abuse charges against Jeurys Familia at the urging of his wife.

I'm not going to get too in depth about this part of the story but I want to look at the MLB investigation that is going to happen. We have seen closers and short stops in past get suspended for multiple games because of this. How many games is Familia going to be suspended for? How do the MLB investigators find better evidence then the justice system? Should we have the MLB investigators join the NYPD or NJPDs to start helping them get to the nitty gritty of cases they can't figure out? Was just wondering how they get better looks at evidence then the police and DAs...

Now on to Familia. Dude. If you did do this stuff and were able to have this stuff go away, you better go work your ass off at getting to be a better person and get your act together not just for you but for everyone in your family around you.

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