Friday, December 23, 2016

Mets: No More Outfielders Please

I was just talking about this last night to one of my buddies. Calm down with trying to get another outfielder. I'd be more worried about 3rd, C, or Relief pitchers.

From the Daily News

What do you think of the Mets trading both Jay and Curtis for Andrew McCutchen? If that's not enough (I think it is) throw in Wheeler or Gsellman.
- Ed Oritz
Hi Ed! I think McCutchen has too many question marks heading into 2017. I discussed them at length in a column I wrote Tuesday. He had a significant decline in his offense and speed. Most importantly for the Mets, he was a terrible center fielder in 2016 and is likely headed for a corner outfield position. The Mets definitely don't need another corner outfielder.
The Pirates have two corner outfielders they already really like and I doubt after a two-year rehab from Tommy John that Zack Wheeler is commanding that kind of return right now.

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