Saturday, December 17, 2016

QBC'17: The Queens Baseball Convention 2017


Time to do some pimping.

Crap.... I have a week left to get Christmas gifts/Holiday Gifts/A tip for one of the many people who help me out all year round that's a fan of the team from Flushing. What do I do? Quick run to the page. How do you get there? Click the link in this paragraph, click a pic on the side bar that will get you to the page also.

Bad News.The super limited Bobby Vip Bobblehead package is all gone. Bobby Vip package? Oh yeah. Bobby Valentine is going to be at QBC 2017 on Saturday, Jan. 28th 2017 at Katch Astoria. What? Bobby V? The Master of disguise? Yep. That Bobby V. Bobby will be signing autographs and have a panel Modded by none other then Matt Cerrone. Is Bobby going to be an Ambassador to Japan by then? Who Knows??? But imagine getting an autograph from him if he was!!!

Former Mets Third Base Coach and World Champion Tim Teufel will be at QBC 2017. He too, will be signing autographs and do a panel hosted by Michael Baron. Have some questions about the last few years Mets teams/players? Here is your chance to get answers!

We Have Vendors, Mascots, More Panels and Maybe a surprise or two still yet to be announced!

Tickets for Admission with one autograph start at $35 (basic ticket plan). Different ticket prices have different perks!!

There will be:

State of the Mets Panel hosted by Mark Healey

Tom Seaver Retrospective hosted by Greg Prince

A Uniform Discussion Panel hosted by the Folks at Uniwatch

and much much more to be named later.

Join Us for the only Annual Baseball Event for fans of Queens Baseball.

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