Thursday, December 1, 2016

MLB: New CBA Rumors

Rumors are that the All Star Game doesn't matter any more.... seems that they are getting rid of this gimmick.

Goon: about damn time

Here's some other things that are being rumored about the new CBA

1. The luxury tax. It’s only going up a little, which is bad news for Hal Steinbrenner’s stated mission to get the Yankees under it. It will leap from the previous $189 million to $195 million for 2017, then $197 million, $206 million, $208 million and finally $210 million for 2021.

If a team’s payroll climbs as high as $255 million in the final year of the deal, it can be taxed as high as 90 percent for the overage, an extreme disincentive.

Goon: wow

5. The season. While there still will be 162 games, they will be played over a longer span — about 188 days, rather than 183 — starting in 2018. Furthermore, there will be an increased emphasis on playing day games for series finales. Both initiatives will give players more time to rest.

Goon: I wonder how that's going to play out with ESPN Sunday night baseball.

6. Smokeless tobacco. New players will be banned from using it. Veteran players will be grandfathered from any such ban.

Goon: Except in NYC where smokeless tobacco is supposedly banned in all ballparks including on field

8. The players’ minimum wage will be increased from the current $507,500.

Goon: remember folks even the worst player making league minimum, still makes more then you

Grabbed this all from the NY Post. Read more here

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