Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MiLB: SI Yankees to Stay SI Yankees

@lagranderusty was hoping to be the new Trolls Mascot

This was a smart move. I don't get the idea to want to rebrand a MiLB's name to be something worse then what it was. I can see you doing a Friday Night Promotion where the team changes the name once a week for merch sales but come on. All These names suck.

Pizza Rats
Killer Bees
Rock Pigeons 
Bridge Trolls

From Baseball America

Staten Island city councilwoman Debi Rose said the choices for the team’s new name “sound like something out of a zombie apocalypse.

“When the five finalist names were unveiled in September, I was vocal in my opposition, pointing out that rats, pigeons and trolls sounded more like the apocalypse than a representation of Staten Island. As we prepare to welcome millions of visitors to developments on either side of Richmond County Bank Ballpark, it remains paramount to me that we start with a name that Staten Islanders can be proud of. I am pleased to hear of today’s decision not to go forward with a rebranding in 2017, and I would like to think that my vocal opposition helped stop a rebranding that my constituents were universally opposed to. I hope that should the Staten Island Yankees seek a new identity in the future, it is one that represents our borough in a positive, uplifting light.”
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