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Saturday, September 3, 2016

#WearTheCaps: @Mets and First Responder Caps

For the last few year Shannon ( and I have been busting the Mets chops to wear the first responder caps every 9/11. They are playing the Braves this time. The same team that the Mets played the first game back after the events of 9/11. You know the team that Hall Of Famer Mike Piazza hit that HR against. You know the game that had the jersey that is considered a piece of history that just sold for over $300,000. You know the one that never should have been sold in the first place. Hmm. I wonder how the Mets org could do something to honor the victims and first responders of 9/11.

From Metspolice
I know 9/11 sneaks up on everyone every year and they don’t seem able to find a way to wear first responder caps on the field even though MLB has figured out a way to wear Mother’s Day caps and Father’s Day caps and Stars and Stripes Caps and ribbons and one time even had Spiderman bases.
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