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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Forced Mets Super Hero Names: Part 3

Marketing/twitter/Mets Fans/Media are all getting ridiculous with the obsession of giving Mets Players forced comic book hero names. I decided that I am going to jump in with some myself then...Running out of characters so I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel here folks....

Fernando "Scarlet Spider or Salas Spider" Salas

Ben Reilly was the first Scarlet Spider and was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal (Miles Warren). The Jackal created the clone to fight and defeat the original Spider-Man, but since the clone and Peter both shared the same memories, they confused themselves in the battle. The original Peter Parker emerged victorious and the clone was left for dead and dumped into a smoke stack of a factory.[1] The clone managed to escape and assumed the alias Ben Reilly,[2] a combination of his Uncle's first name and his Aunt's maiden name. He wandered around aimlessly for five years before returning to New York City,[3] and found himself once again wanting to be a hero. He fashioned his own costume, and became the Scarlet Spider.[4] He fought alongside his "brother" Spider-Man and proved himself to be such a great hero that Spider-Man asked him to watch over the city while he and his wife Mary Jane tried to start a family.[5] When his name was smeared by a second, evil Scarlet Spider,[6] he assumed the identity of Spider-Man,[7] until his death at the hands of Norman Osborn. His body subsequently disintegrated, proving once and for all that he was the clone.[8]

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