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Friday, September 16, 2016

eBay: Over The Top Ridiculous Mets Knockoff.

You can't even make a jersey from MLB because Tebow is not on the 40 man roster. Also if you use the words custom still doesn't mean you can use the MLB logo or the Mets name....

• This is for a Pre Order
• Tim Tebow #15
• Size Medium - Sizes are true to their size
• Mets Home White Jersey
• Jersey will be ready to ship within the next 2 weeks.
• Once Jerseys are in stock, the price will go up. so take advantage and order yours today.

Jersey is custom and not authentic. The craftsmanship and material used are superb and identical to a authentic.


Questions you say? Well.....

New message from: obrother_bargains (645Purple Star)

Thanks for the information

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Although I’ve often heard people cite an alleged “20%” or “25% Rule,” e.g., that you can avoid infringement by changing your copy a certain percentage from the original, those are myths. - See more at:
Yes, they do days mets. But the logo has been changed by 20% which does not violate any infringement or trademark laws
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So they don't say mets on the front?
Hello how are you, thanks for your concern, but the photo I'm using is a generic photo that I found on the internet. I do apologize if you are bothered. The jerseys I am getting do not have the mlb or majestic logos.
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you know if you say these jerseys are custom and not authentic and don't have an MLB license to use the mets logo and the MLB log on it, you can go to jail for sailing counterfeits...

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