Friday, September 2, 2016

Patriotism In Sports

This post might rile some of you up but hopefully we can all just have a discussion on it. Who am I kidding?

People are up in arms with a certain football player not standing during the national anthem. A lot of folks might not like it even though it's his constitutional right not have to. You folks have the same right to be vocal about your feelings towards his "protest". Let him do what he wants in that regard. How does it really harm anyone. Can it be viewed as disrespectful? Sure. Can it be viewed as brave by some? Sure. It's all on how you look at it.
I never served in the military. Honestly, unless I was drafted to do so, I don't have the balls to enlist. I do however have respect for those that have enlisted and served to protect our freedoms as Americans. Without these folks who knows how American history would have turned out. So for this I will stand up remove my hat and show my respect to those who have served and also to the USA. So, Mr. Football player do what you feel is right, living in the USA you are allowed to do so.( I kinda feel you might have an ulterior motive or two, but I will just look at the surface right now)

Now, saying that. Our country isn't perfect. No country is. Every country in this world has been unjust to some of its citizens at one time or another. We all need to just be better people world wide.

While I am on the subject of patriotism in sports, I really dislike having to stand for God Bless America when it is played at games. I feel it takes away from the National Anthem and I have even heard people refer to it as the National Anthem. What if you don't believe in a God also? Why should you be forced to stand and ask for a deity you don't believe in to "bless" the USA? Teams you want to play it feel free, but don't ask us to stand and remove our caps for this song. That should be reserved for the National Anthem.

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