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Thursday, September 22, 2016

More Forced Mets Super Hero Names: Part 4

Marketing/twitter/Mets Fans/Media are all getting ridiculous with the obsession of giving Mets Players forced comic book hero names. I decided that I am going to jump in with some myself then...Running out of characters so I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel here folks....

Jerry "Animal Man" Blevins

Hey hey has blonde hair now and the super heroes wear sunglasses instead of masks now right? I guess it fits...

Movie stunt man Buddy Baker, to whom aliens gave animal-themed powers, debuted in Strange Adventures #180 (cover-dated Sept. 1965), in the story "I Was the Man with Animal Powers" by writer Dave Wood and penciler Carmine Infantino.[2][3] Baker gained a costume and a name, initially A-Man, in Strange Adventures #190 (July 1966).[3][4] He continued as a semi-regular feature in the book, making occasional cover appearances, through #201 (June 1967).
His subsequent appearances were sporadic. In 1980, he guest appearance in Wonder Woman #267-268. His main appearances in the remainder of the decade were as a member of the "Forgotten Heroes", a team of minor DC heroes. It was in that capacity that he appeared in the company-wide crossover storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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