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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Knockoff: New York Mets Majestic Travis D'Arnaud #7

I just want to make sure you folks who want an authentic jersey aren't taken for a ride because of the cheap prices. I know you folks who don't care about wearing knockoffs are still going to buy them anyway so you can stop reading if you want.

So let's see what's wrong with this jersey...

Coloring on the letters is washed out. But the letters look "right" except for coloring. No numbers on the front of the jersey.

UH OH!!!! Look at the name!!!!

Authentic WS patch is this plasticlike patch not stitched.

Hmmm even has knockoff majestic tags... This is the first time I have seen the skylight patch look almost correct.

PRICE REDUCED!! I got a rebate from my supplier because the jersey doesn't have a number on the front, so the price went down!
(Lie right there. It's a knockoff)
You are looking at a BRAND NEW New York Mets
#7 Travis D'Arnaud Size XXL/52 Majestic Cool Base (doesn't this imply it is legit?)
White/Blue Stripe Home World Series Jersey!

Everything is STITCHED on and it looks great!

The Mets are poised to have a great season, so show your
team spirit with a new jersey! Why spend over $100 at
a sporting goods store when you can buy it here and
save lot's of $$$?

Travis is one of the young stars that helps make the most formidable starting rotation in baseball even better!

Let's Go Mets!

The authentic patch here is supposed to be screen printed. Not sewn on.

Is the World Series Sleeve patch Plastic or Embroidered? and is the cool base patch in front of jersey sewn on or screen printed?

eBay Seller:

The World Series patch is stitched on as is the Cool Base patch. Thanks. 


Okay, so you know that is not a Majestic Jersey and is a knock off then?

eBay Seller:

I never said it was authentic.(meanwhile cool base patch says its authentic) For $50 it's a great buy and looks very good.


If you are saying it's by majestic then you are implying it is a legit product. It's a chinese knockoff. Looks horrible. The colors are all off, no front number and the patches are wrong.Who ever buys this is getting an inferior product.

eBay Seller:

Then why are you bothering me if you're not buying it? I own these and have had NO complaints.


I just wanted to see if you knew if it was a fake. If you didn't I just wanted to give you a heads up. I also don't want someone who doesn't know that the jersey isn't legit and think it is get screwed over.

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