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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Some Quick Mets Thoughts

How we feeling folks? Think the Mets are going to keep on pushing through? It's amazin' that with all the injuries and replacements that this team is in a wild card hunt. Are some fans that jumped overboard when it felt the ship was sinking trying to scale the sides back onto the bandwagon?

You can definitely tell that it's US Open time again in Flushing. It's the time of year that the parking lot gets all screwed up when leaving it after a game. The Mets/NYPD really screw the pooch with their new "traffic patterns"(they close some of the entrances in the main lot and funnel ALL the cars out the main entrance/exit). It took me 45 mins to get out of the lot and I was right by an exit.

You might have also read on my Twitter feed about how a young kid dropped a bottle of soda down the steps and then it exploded on a family seated down below. The Mom and two daughters got covered in the soda and the little boy of course didn't know what to do and ran over to his dad who was sitting near. The dad ignored it for an inning and finally the guy sitting behind the dad told him he should do the right thing, stop pretending it didn't happen, and check in and to apologize for the soda falling. The dad reluctantly sent the son over. The kid was scared and said sorry and ran back to his dad. (I was on line for Blue Smoke with this (soda kid's) family before this happened and I have to say I could tell the dad was pompous and just a jerk by the way he talked. Definitely had no idea what baseball was( he was British) and you could tell they came from the US Open(whole family wearing polo shirts and dress like people dress for the open). The amount of US Open folks at the game really made the atmosphere feel weird.

And I still hate ESPN for Sunday night baseball.

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