Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Mets Wack Pack

I used to be a huge Howard Stern fan. The wack pack was huge when I was continuously listening to Stern back in the day. You had Hank,BOBO, Nicole Bass, Elephant Boy, Underdog woman, Beetlejuice, Eric the Midget, Riley Martin, Bigfoot just to name a few. Have you guys noticed something? The Mets have a Wack Pack. What you haven't realized it yet? They are there. And it seems people are trying to add to it every day.

You all know how I feel about Cowbell Man. Then there is Pin Guy and Pin Lady. The Tie Guy. Sign Guy. The dude who walks around in a bear costume. Now we have wig guy. Are these folks really fans? Are these folks attention starved? What makes them dress up this way to go to games? Why isn't @lagranderusty in this Wack pack? Now I know you are going to say, but I see you in your "MediaGoon" jersey at games. Yep. You got me. I wear those jerseys to help with self promotion on Twitter and for the blog and back in the day to help push I know why I wear my jersey.

Wig Guy. First time I have ever seen him was last night. He might have had nine different blue,orange, and blue and orange wigs with a wig man jersey on. What purpose does this serve? Are you hoping to be the next Marlins man? The next Dancing Homer?

What are your thoughts guys?

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