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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Still the best food item at Citi Firld


Over the years there have been some challengers coming for the Pastrami Sandwich at Citi Fields crown. There was bacon on a stick. Gone. There was Mama’s of Corona. Gone. Keith’s Grill. Gone. Pat LaFrieda Steak Sandwich. Quality of the sandwich, gone. Blue Smoke. Gone. Two Boots Pizza. Gone. Box Frites. Gone. And there were others that had a cup of coffee in the ballpark and are gone but do you know what stayed? That’s right the reigning and defending undisputed champion of the ballpark. The Pastraaaaaaaaaammmii Sandwich. Its made for the ballpark. Seasoned well. Cooked well. There is a great fat to meat ratio to it, not too much, not too little. The mustard, rye bread, and pickles are perfect. This is the all around quintessential NYC food at a NYC ballpark.

I would put it up against Zabar’s, Pastrami Queen, and yes, even Katz’s in taste, quality, and bang for your buck.

Next time you go to a Mets game and you are hungry, get this damn sandwich!

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