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Monday, May 16, 2022

Citi Field Food: Jacob’s Fried Pickles


I went to the game on Sunday and decided to take the opportunity to try Jacob’s pickles fried pickles. They definitely tasted pretty good. The coating that the pickles were deep fried in was pretty airy, didn’t flake off, and didn’t feel “heavy” to eat. The pickle itself tasted like a classic sour NYC pickle. You the know the type I’m talking about? The ones that you used to go down to the Lower East side to get by the container? Yeah those. The dipping sauce had a kick to it that could be seen as overpowering if you aren’t someone who likes that kind of kick. Overall I would have to say that I’d give Jacob’s Fried Pickles an 8.5/10. They were really good but not great and not a bad item to have once in a while at a game.

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