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Monday, May 9, 2022

It’s weird not having a lot to write about the Mets.


What do you mean that there isn’t a lot to write about with the Mete? They are the first 20 game winning team of the 2020 season. They have had a combined no-hitter and one of the greatest come from behind wins in the ninth inning the other day. They have been winning/splitting series and haven’t lost a series yet. Yeah that’s great and I love that. But as a Mets fan advocacy blogger and I haven’t had to point out mistakes that the Mets have made in regards to the fans in the great numbers like I have in the past. Which makes me very happy.

However, we are still young in the season and we still have to see how the Mets handle the crowds that will be coming to Citi Field in the upcoming months. Will Aramark be staffed right? Will security be surly or pleasant? Will plan holders complain about being undercut by the Mets or a 3rd party seller when they try to resell?

I’m not going to be able to hit the game in Saturday but should be able to catch some of the game on Sunday. I am heavily booked doing things but still want to go see Seattle Mariners play. When the Mariners aren’t playing the Mets I am rooting for them because there are so many former Mets on that teams I’m going to try to see if Incan check some stuff out at Citi Field on Sunday and maybe I’ll have some stuff to write about.

We’ll see.

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