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Monday, May 23, 2022

Good News and Bad News Mets Fantasy Campers

Good News. Clover Park Stadium is going to be getting a new stadium field. Bad News. If you were going to Mets Fantasy Camp, it won’t be ready for you to play on this year.

To me, one of the big selling points is to play on the field with former players being around you. At least they have a plan to still have it at a stadium albeit not the Mets “proper” one but at least there is a plan.

 “Clover Park Stadium Field -   For some background – many do not know that St. Lucie County owns the facility that we call home for Spring Training and Fantasy Camp.  The grounds crew are not Mets employees as well as most of the decisions regarding the overall facility are not a Mets decision. The county has approved the complete tear down and rebuild of the stadium field.  Unfortunately that means Fantasy Camp can’t  use the main field this year.  Destruction is set to start immediately after the St. Lucie season ends in early September and the field will not be ready until February.  The field has not been redone since it was built in the  1980’s. New state of the art drainage and plumbing will be installed.

Fantasy camp looks to use  the stadium at Lawnwood (also county owned) which is a very nice facility about 10 minutes from Clover Field. They will bus campers over there.

This still sounds fun and it’s good to see the field being taken care of.

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